Beerbaum Stables unveils new identity and grand ambitions for the future of show jumping 


With seven Olympic Games under his belt and four gold medals as a result, one might think Ludger Beerbaum has next to nothing left to achieve. The co-owner and CEO of Beerbaum Stables, however, has grand ambitions for the future and is now ready to unveil Beerbaum’s new identity. 
Following the partnership with Global Equestrian Group formed earlier this year, a comprehensive strategy and a series of investments were announced in order to elevate Beerbaum Stables even further within the world of show jumping. 
The internationally esteemed show jumping business with sports and trading stables and a renowned stallion station will increase activities and plans to expand and modernize existing facilities: 
“I’m excited to accelerate the progress of our business alongside Global Equestrian Group and especially for this transformation to empower and inspire equestrians right here in Europe,” Ludger Beerbaum states. “We’ve already finished the first major expansion of Riesenbeck International now hosting the LONGINES FEI Jumping European Championship and being a premiere destination for riders to develop and live out their dreams.” 
Next in line is Beerbaum Stables, whose new identity is marked with a brand new logo and a crisp new web presence is also underway. The visuals will reflect the values and strong reputation of Beerbaum with the new brandmark serving as a corporate quality stamp. 
On site, the German sports and trading stables are set to see more top riders and horses of all ages. 
“With superior facilities, we’re able to welcome many more riders and grooms on staff and thereby more horses for developing and trading. So whether you’re looking for your next champion show jumper or a stallion to match your mare, Beerbaum will be the number one destination for exquisite service and tailored advice,” Ludger Beerbaum says. 
Horse and rider welfare are key within the Global Equestrian Group – and in addition to enhancing the business of show jumping on a global scale, the main goal is to facilitate the dreams and passions of equestrians across the world. 
“I remember being the kid who dreamt big and redeeming those ambitions,” Ludger Beerbaum adds. “Now, I want to spend even more of my time empowering others to do the same.”