Five-star accommodation for the horses at the European Championships in Riesenbeck

Riesenbeck International will host the “LONGINES FEI Jumping European Championship Riesenbeck 2021” at the equestrian centre at Surenburg from 1st to 5th September. "The construction work is in full swing. We are very pleased and yet full of respect to tackle this, so far, biggest event in our still young history as show organizers," says Ludger Beerbaum and he is confident: "Even if it is not yet certain which corona-related restrictions we will have to master - the championship will take place!"

Beerbaum himself has collected eleven medals at European Championships as an active show jumper, he is now premiering as organizer is now taking place. At the Riesenbeck International equestrian center, special attention is paid to the welfare of the horses. Ludger Beerbaum: "We can say very proudly that the participating horses are housed in 5-star stables!" Construction is currently underway to modernize the entire facility. Spacious (3.5 x 3.5 meter) permanent stables are being built for 312 horses, with wide stable aisles and each with an exterior window. There are ample areas for the equipment and open space for the grooms.

Show manager Karsten Lütteken describes how things currently look on the large construction site. "We are not only building permanent stables but are also modernizing the actual show grounds at the same time. Plus implementing the renaturation of an adjacent stream, a project that has been in planning for quite some time. Coordinating multiple construction sites under a schedule dictated by the European Championships is sporting and challenging - but by September we will have transformed the equestrian center at Surenburg into a modern and sustainable show venue."

Riesenbeck is taking the plunge despite the uncertainty surrounding spectator attendance and Corona restrictions. "Of course, we hope to welcome a few thousand spectators to the facility and that the atmosphere will then be worthy of a championship," said Ludger Beerbaum.

The European Championships will be broadcast by the public TV stations and by the "home channel" ClipmyHorse.TV

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