Global Equestrian Group team up with Equicty to enhance Stable Operations 


Global Equestrian Group is pleased to announce the collaboration with Equicty, a leading provider of stable management software solutions, to optimize operations. The collaboration represents a significant step forward in the digitalization of equine management, with a focus on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and equine welfare.


Equicty has already successfully implemented its comprehensive stable management solutions at Beerbaum Stables, laying the groundwork for seamless integration across all Global Equestrian Group subsidiaries. Integration between Equicty's software and Global Equestrian Groups management systems aims to automate data transfer processes, streamlining operations and reducing manual efforts significantly-

Equicty offers a seamless onboarding and a robust well tested platform tailored to streamline daily operations within stables and office environments. With Equicty's intuitive app, grooms and riders effortlessly access pertinent information about the horses under their care and efficiently manage their tasks. For managers and stable supervisors, the platform delivers comprehensive oversight of tasks supporting multiple stables and teams, allowing for swift adjustments at the individual horse or group level.


The platform's scalability coupled with its user-friendly interface across all teams, holds significant importance for Global Equestrian Group, serving as an indispensable tool utilized from grooms and riders to stable managers, back-office personnel, and upper management.


Together, Equicty and Global Equestrian Group aim to set new standards for stable management practices, ensuring the well-being and performance of equine athletes remain at the forefront of operations.



About Equicty:
Equicty is a leading provider of digital solutions for stable management, offering innovative software solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve horse welfare. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Equicty is revolutionizing the way stables manage their operations in the digital age.


About Global Equestrian Group:
Global Equestrian Group has activities in dressage, showjumping and events, the jewellery company Helgstrand Jewellery and equestrian appeal company Kingsland Equestrian, as well as other equestrian investments. With a dedication to excellence and a focus on innovation, Global Equestrian Group are committed to advancing the equestrian industry through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions.