Global Equestrian Group invests in company that will improve horse welfare


Back in 2018, horse owner Jacob Wandt encountered a problem with the supply on the market of foaling alarms for horses. There were only a few, and very expensive products to choose from. With a background from the IT world, Jacob therefore launched a project to develop both a better and cheaper foaling alarm. By the end of 2020, the Ruxbury product became a reality, and the final product includes - in addition to a foaling alarm - also a wide range of other features that are ideal for any horse owner, professional or amateur rider. It includes a.o. health data from the horse, information that can limit injuries and a number of features around training the horse. The finished solution consists of a small device with a built-in heart rate monitor, which is easily and conveniently attachable to the horse's headwear and an App for a smartphone which is connected via Bluetooth.


Early in the process, Tomasz Goldman, previously Senior Director of GN Netcom, became involved in the project as development manager. "The most difficult thing was to solve the challenges of reading the horse's heart rate with a sufficiently high quality," says Tomasz, and continues: "It is easier on a human where the heart rate monitor is close to a blood vessel. While on a horse, the coat which creates distance from the monitor to the bloodvessels must be taken into account. We have solved this challenge and at the same time created a product that is very easy to use and bothers the horse as little as possible ”.


Andreas Helgstrand from Global Equestrian Group (GEG) sees great potential in the new product and says: “Many horse owners invest a lot of money in acquiring and caring for their horses, but very few owners know anything about how the horse actually feels physically. Both in the daily training when you ride the horse, but especially when you participate in competitions, many will do too much warm-up which drains the horse of energy before it enters the arena. Ruxbury can provide the horse owner with a lot of information about the horse's well - being, which we thiink is very valuable for any horse owner or rider ”.


GEG has acquired a 45% ownership in the company Ruxbury, and has appointed GEG commercial director Anders Bjørnstrup as chairman of the company's board to help making the new product ready for market launch.  "We see great potential in Ruxbury", says Anders Bjørnstrup, and continues: "No matter what type of horse or what level you ride at, I think everyone wants more knowledge about how their horse actually feels, as well as how to limit injuries and train the horse most optimally. This, together with the fact that Ruxbury will be simple to use and very affordable to procure, makes us believe that the product has great potential internationally ”.  The product is expected to be launched during the autumn of 2021.


About Global Equestrian Group

Global Equestrian Group is established as a strategic alliance between Beerbaum Stables, Helgstrand Dressage and Waterland Private Equity. The company holds multiple brands within the equestrian industry aiming to be become the world’s leading equestrian company.


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