Setting a new standard of luxury and performance on horse care and well-being


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Equine Lounge is a unique solution for horse and rider, setting a new standard of comfort and performance on horse care and well-being. It is an elegant multipurpose space, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere, with all the functionalities built in for daily horse care. It can also deliver to very specific needs throughout the seasons.

Handcrafted from the finest materials and designed into an exquisite shape, the Equine Lounge is a crowning statement of your personality and love for your horse.


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All-in-One solution

It’s a one stop impeccable solution for taking care of your horse. You can wash, dry and groom your horse, give relaxing therapy to your horse or use it as a place for the veterinarian to treat your horse.

The lounges are highly customizable, and several units can be connected to extend capacity and create a diverse solution for your needs.The utility room can be designed to your liking – for example as a combined office and laundry space or a luxury saddle and tack room.

Plug & Play

Equine Lounge is a prefabricated module and is delivered ready for use, requiring minimal time and effort on site. This has several benefits, such as avoiding noise and dirt from building on site, keeping stress and disturbance to a minimum, and the fact that the lounge can be placed without establishing a permanent foundation, making it a flexible and scalable solution.

Many more incredible features

The Equine Lounge has many more incredible features like the 360° Shower System, Solarium, built-in Horse Stock, Grooming Vacuum, Leg Cooling System, UV-C lamp and much more.

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