Helgstrand and Beerbaum to educate future medal winners and entrepreneurs with new Master Rider Education


Andreas Helgstrand and Ludger Beerbaum joined forces in the Global Equestrian Group earlier this year. Now, the Olympic riders and equestrian entrepreneurs are set to initiate an innovative Master Rider Education for talented jumping and dressage riders.  
The equestrian industry is growing rapidly worldwide, and horses are getting better every year as our sport increases in level. Developments are seen in horse welfare, breeding, sports, and business. These developments create opportunities but also requires highly educated riders, trainers, and entrepreneurs. 


“Performing on the highest level in the sport is not only about having a good horse anymore,” says four-time Olympic Champion Ludger Beerbaum, partner of Global Equestrian Group and founder of Beerbaum Stables. “The ability to stay consistent at the top of the sport comes with a lot of knowledge, proper horse care, and smart training.”  


Running a business with horses has been lifted to higher grounds as well. “Understanding key aspects to becoming a successful entrepreneur and running a profitable business in the modern equestrian industry is very important. I would have loved for this educational program to exist when I was young and full of dreams” says Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of Global Equestrian Group and founder of Helgstrand Dressage. 
Global Equestrian Group launches the Master Rider Education with a strong focus on the equestrian sport and industry of today and tomorrow. The educational program will consist of theory and practice, not to mention a strong focus on personal development. The theory inspires, is relevant to riders and sport performance and gives students a strong knowledge which can directly be applied to practice. Learning from the very best in the world is also a key element.   


Andreas Helgstrand emphasises the importance of educating young adults for what is to come in the future equestrian industry: “We have learned so much during the last decades and I would love to pass on that knowledge.” 


Ludger Beerbaum agrees and looks back on his own career path with appreciation: “When I was 15, professionals as Hermann Schridde and Paul Schockemohle opened doors for me which allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge. Without a doubt, those days turned out to have an incredible influence on my career. I want to do the same for others.” 

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