In the past years, we have been challenged with dangerous viruses and bacteria more than ever before. For example, the outbreak of the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) in our industry in 2021 – viruses, which can be dangerous for horses and sometimes even life-threatening. Through years of research, the Danish-based company UV Medico has developed a UV light based on the Far UV-C technology, which has made a breakthrough in the health industry reducing viruses and bacteria up to 99,9%. Now, this proven technology has been introduced to the equine industry under the name UV Equestrian with the ability to fight dangerous viruses and bacteria, while remaining harmless to horses and people.

- Viruses and bacteria, and the illnesses they cause to our horses, affect the global equine industry more than ever before and continue to be a threat to the wellbeing of our horses – all the way from smaller barns to professional sales stables, vet practices, show grounds, etc. But with this new technology, we face a breakthrough, and we can control the spread of viruses that causes illness and worst-case scenario the risk of losing horses, tells the CEO of Global Equestrian Group Andreas Helgstrand.

The UV-C technology was originally developed in the 1930’s and later improved into Far-UVC (200-230nm). The Far-UVC was used at 222nm against the coronavirus at the global COVID-19 pandemic with great success. Studies quickly showed that this technology is just as effective against other kind of viruses and bacteria as well.

Now, this new UV-light solution provides the necessary safety. Combining Far UV-C light at a very low wavelength (222 nm) with unique patented filter technology, the lamps of UV Equestrian ensure effective yet harmless disinfection for both humans and animals in occupied spaces and prevent the spreading of viruses and bacteria.

- UV light has been the talk of the town for many years. But the combination of Far UV-C light at the low wavelength of 222 nm makes it a safe and harmless way to deactivate viruses and pathogens within a few minutes. The technology is a result of years of research and more importantly, it has been used in ambulances, hospitals, OR rooms and other facilities for a long time already with great success, tells the Sales Manager of UV Equestrian, Martin Zimmer, who has many years of experience in the equine industry.


The globalization of the equine industry contributes to a more rapid spread of viruses and bacteria. Spreading not only from horse to horse but also through equipment and people. Spreading diseases is always a risk and can be costly and even more high-risk during events and activities with many horses and people gathered. This changes with the new Far UVC-light from UV Equestrian.

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