Pictured: As a professional rider, Alexander Helgstrand values the produtcs from ActivoMed highly.

The vision of Global Equestrian Group is not only entering partnerships that support the Group's vision of becoming the leading equestrian company but also offering strategic benefits to its exclusive circle of partners. And now GEG can welcome another esteemed brand, ActivoMed, which designs and manufactures training and therapy support products that Helgstrand Dressage and Beerbaum Stables have been using successfully for many years.

The innovative products are highly acknowledged worldwide - and at Helgstrand they are a natural part of everyday life to keep the horses healthy and fit.

- As with many of our partners, this partnership came as a natural extension of an existing collaboration. We have used ActivoMed's products for years, and we know they make a difference to our horses with their focus on horse welfare and well-being. The blanket has a variety of programs and the possibility to change each one individually, the therapy can be optimized for each horse. This is the outcome when having products designed by horse people, says Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of Global Equestrian Group – and adds:

I am confident that we can benefit even more from this collaboration, with easy access to their products in all our stables. At the same time, we can support ActivoMed's growth strategy by offering them increased visibility in Europe and the US.

ActivoMed has been the brand of choice for riders for more than 20 years. Their portfolio includes a wide range of magnetic therapy products that support every need and ensure a healthy and thriving horse.

- It is our clear goal to form strategic partnerships where there is mutual value. Slowly we are building a structure in GEG where we can ensure progress in the equestrian world. That is why we are pleased to welcome ActivoMed. We are happy to share our exciting journey supporting each other's high ambitions, says Ludger Beerbaum, CEO of Beerbaum Stables and adds: not only will ActivoMed gain more digital visibility, they will also be physically present at the upcoming events in Wellington and at the European Dressage Championships here at Riesenbeck next year.

At ActivoMed, they are looking forward to getting started and are excited about the many opportunities the partnership will allow.

- We are delighted to enter a partnership with Global Equestrian Group and look very forward to supporting the GEG equestrian team with innovative pulsed magnetic therapy. GEG has a unique market position, which enables us to get closer to our customers, which will consequently help us understand their needs and requests even better, says Jörn Gaudeck, CEO of ActivoMed.

- GEG gives us the opportunity to elevate our brand within the equestrian industry, with increased activity in both Europe and US focusing on Wellington. The partnership offers multiple marketing opportunities for us, focusing on the horses and their health and well-being, says Carl Hubertus Krupke Head of Sales at ActivoMed.

Read more about the products offered by ActivoMed on their website www.activo-med.com

If you have any questions about the new partnership with ActivoMed, or would like to learn more about the benefits of a partnership with Global Equestrian Group, please contact:

Head of Event & Partnership, Martin Thorbøll Pedersen on phone +45 22 89 31 45 or email mtp@gegroup.dk

More about Global Equestrian Group can be found at www.globalequestriangroup.com